global warming: I’m OK with it.

As long as my tomatoes keep bearing fruit well into October, I’m perfectly fine with global warming. Hell, I’ll be dead long before the planet burns up. Just give me the tomatoes. Here’s what I picked in a single trip out to the garden just 4 days ago, on October 21.

I kid. Sort of.

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in all its glory.

Today is October 10. It should be bright, crisp and cool today … and we’ll have the bright part down well, but we’re headed to the upper 80s. It’s a glorious, glorious day. As soon as I hit ‘Publish’ on this post, I’ll be out in it until dark.

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fresh laundry.

I’m keen on the growing trend of what I’ll call Urban Ruralism—keeping a small garden, old-school crafts like knitting and sewing, canning and preserving (which is suddenly SUCH the thing). It’s funny: with the exception of sewing, I’ve been doing this stuff for awhile. And I’d add to that list: drying laundry outside.

I grew up falling into bed made with sundried linens on summer nights. There is nothing … absolutely nothing … like spending a day outdoors and then tucking in between sheets that smell of the outdoors. Forget all those “nature”-scented laundry products. Hanging sheets on a clothesline on a sunny day has all the disinfectant, freshening, brightening action you need.

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a case of the puppies.

In April, our hearts broke. We said goodbye to our beloved friend Wrigley, and grieved deeply. We cried and talked about him almost daily, and thought about him constantly.

We still do. He is a spiritual presence in our home.

Wrigley taught us love, patience, compassion, patience … and because of that, we knew we were destined to welcome another friend into our lives.

This weekend, we did. And in just over 24 hours, we’ve come to love our new friend in a different, but equal, way.

After a conversation with an acquaintance gave me a serious case of dog-on-the-brain, I popped into at work one morning about a week ago. I did my customary search, but neglected to check the tick box to select only male dogs. And there, third on the list of search results, was a pup named Susie. Her profile photo (below) showed a lively sparkle in the eyes and a wide grin, and I couldn’t help but think of Wrigley. I sent Rob a link to her profile, and called him at work (half expecting him to say, “Yeah, she’s cute …” and that being the end of the conversation). He said, “Well, do you want to inquire about her?” And the rest, as they say, is history.

Nileydog Rescue, a Cincinnati group, had scooped her up along with a half-dozen other dogs on a rescue mission to a rural West Virginia county shelter. The shelter was preparing to euthanize its entire population later that day in anticipation of a long July 4 holiday weekend (apparently, nobody could be bothered to care for the animals over the long weekend).

We signed the papers, ordered a collar, leash and tags, bought food and a crate, and settled on the name Peroni. It’s a tribute to Wrigley, in a silly way. We picked her up Friday evening, and she’s moved right in. She wants to be with us all the time, she’s laid claim to all the furniture, and we’ve started to explore the neighborhood. We think she’s about 7 months old. She has some learning to do, but she’s eager to please and seems to be a quick study. We’ve already got Sit and Down pretty well, and are working on Come and Stay. Walking on the leash is a new experience. We’ve discovered that a long walk will really tucker her out. A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy.

We feel blessed to have two fantastic dogs in our lives and hearts.

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we heart jimtown.

We just love the Jimtown Store, outside Healdsburg, CA (our favorite locale, excepting our silly home). We were lucky enough to be in town last month for Jimtown’s First Thursday Wine Bar. The whole experience was so great I can’t even explain it. Deeply, richly, wonderfully, terrifically great.

So we were super psyched they used our mugshot in this month’s party invitation!

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our menagerie.

Update: I was sweeping the side porch yesterday and discovered Ms. Walking Stick entrapped in a spider web, upside down (in a very indelicate pose), being sucked on by said spider. I know it’s all circle of life and shit, but it bummed me out.

If it’s late summer at the Mooths, you can find a welcome annual visitor on the side porch. I relish the return of the walking sticks every summer. She just appeared this week; we’re keeping an eye out for Mr. Walking Stick.

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The tomato plants I stuck in the ground back in late May are finally bearing fruit. One of the varieties is your good old garden-variety Beefsteak. The plant is huge; it seems like it’s been putting all its energy into the green matter in order to support the tomatoes. When we got back from vacation, I discovered a HUGE tomato hidden in the vines. We’ve waited patiently for it to ripen. It’s so big that I thought we should name it, and Rob suggested Binky. We carried it with great ceremony into the kitchen on a platter, like the boar’s head at a Madrigal dinner.

Meet Binky.

Note that this is an 8-inch chef’s knife.

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